Organizational Titles and Abbreviations

Words/phrases used as proper nouns to describe formal professional, corporate, or governmental titles are capitalized. When such a title is used as a descriptive phrase to describe or identify a person (set in commas after their name), it is lowercased. Governmental titles which refer to a specific person may be capitalized. The word 'president' is capitalized when referring to the highest elected officer of the U.S. government. Honorific titles and forms of address are capitalized, e.g. 'Your Honor'.

Examples (with abbreviations, if any):

adjutant general, adjutants general (AG)
administrative law judge (ALJ)
administrator (Adm. or Admr. or Adms. or Admstr.)
alderman (Ald. or Aldm.)
ambassador (Amb.)
ambassador at large
assemblyman, assemblywoman
associate justice (AJ)
attorney general, attorneys general or attorney generals (Atty. Gen. or Att. Gen. or AG)
borough president
chairman of the joint chiefs of staff
chairman, chairwoman/chair (Chmn. or Chm.)
chancellor (Chanc.)
chaplain (Chap.)
chargā d'affaires, chargās d'affaires
chief judge (C.J.)
chief justice (C.J.)
chief of staff, chiefs of staff (C. of S. or CS or COS)
commissioner (Comm. or Commr. or Com.)
committeeman, committeewoman
comptroller (Comp.)
congressman, congresswoman, congressperson, congresspeople
constable (Cons.)
consul (Con.)
consul general (CG)
councilman, councilwoman
county clerk
district attorney, district attorneys (Dist. Atty. or D.A.)
esquire or esq.
foreign minister or foreign secretary
foreign service officer (FSO)
generalissimo, generalissimos
governor (Gov.)
governor general, governors general (C.G.)
high commissioner (HC)
inspector (insp. or ins.)
judge (jud.)
judge advocate general, judge advocate generals (JAG)
judge advocate, judge advocates (JA)
justice (just. or jus.)
justice of the peace or J.P.
lieutenant governor (Lt. Gov.)
major general, major generals
member of Parliament (M.P.)
postmaster general, postmasters general (PMG)
president (Pres.)
prime minister (P.M.)
queen mother
registered nurse or R.N.
representative (Rep. or Repr.)
secretary (Sec./Secty.)
secretary of agriculture
secretary of commerce and labor
secretary of defense
secretary of education
secretary of energy
secretary of health and human services
secretary of health, education, and welfare
secretary of housing and urban development
secretary of state, secretaries of state (SS)
secretary of the interior
secretary of the treasury
secretary of transportation
secretary of war
secretary-general, secretaries-general (S.G.)
secretary-treasurer, secretary-treasurers or secretaries-treasurers
senator (Sen.)
solicitor general, solicitors general (SG)
superintendent (Supt. or Supr.)
surgeon general, surgeons general
treasurer (Treas. or Treasr.)
under secretary, undersecretaries (U.S.)
vice president (VP)
vice-chairman, vice-chairmen (VC)
vice-chancellor (VC)
vice-consul (VC)